Trisha Gee

Applying Java 8 Idioms to Existing Code

  • Understand how to improve performance with your Java code using Java 8 language features.
  • Learn hands on techniques to discover and implement common Java 8 refactorings.
  • Understand when you should and should not apply key refactorings in Java 8.

Java 8 MOOC - Session 3 Summary

Last night was the final get-together to discuss the Java 8 MOOC. Any event hosted in August in a city that is regularly over 40°C is going to face challenges, so it was great that we had attendees from earlier sessions plus new people too.

Interviewed by InfoQ

While I was at QCon New York (probably my business conference this year!) I was interviewed by Ralph Winzinger for InfoQ. It felt like a short interview at the time, but we covered a lot of ground - Java 8, Java vs other JVM languages, the effectiveness of the JCP, and the future of Java.

Video and the transcript are available on InfoQ.

My Path To Evangelism

So, I get asked a lot about how I got into technical advocacy / evangelism1, so it seems like the most cost-effective way to answer this question is to write a post about it. Warning: it’s a long one!

Level Up Your Automated Tests

This presentation is about how to change a team’s attitude towards writing automated tests. The talk covers the same case study as Groovy vs Java for Testing, adopting Spock in MongoDB, but this is a more process/agile/people perspective, not a technical look at the merits of one language over another.