Java 8 in Anger

Content and resources for the Java 8 in Anger presentation.

This vJUG video of Java 8 in Anger shows the Java 8 version of this talk in its clearest form. Here I also have links to other material I’ve published on this topic, and to the resources I used to create the code.

In 2016 this talk has evolved to also contain some Java 9 features too, and the latest version even shows how to use TDD to help figure out which stream operations you need. The video of the latest version is not yet available.

Java 8 - Introduction to Lambdas Article

This month’s Java Magazine features an article by me, Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg about the new lambdas coming in Java 8.The aim of the article is to give an overview to normal, human Java developers, who don’t need to know the theory behind what they are or how they work under the covers, but want to know how to use them when they get the shiny new version of Java next year (or even get ahead of the curve and try them now).